Entry #19

More Lurking and Shameless Plugs

2013-12-01 23:44:15 by KidneyThief

To my great disdain I haven't done any real personal work in quite awhile and as such haven't done more than lurk here on NG in that time. The past year I've been focusing on my career and handling my post college finances. While tiring, my efforts have been far from fruitless and I have been doing a some commercial design work outside of my day job.
So while I have nothing of my own to show, I do have this shameless plug to my current posting grounds with my commercial stuff.

Shameless Portfolio Plug

So feel free to check that out, and leave some feedback, and hopefully I'll be back with something a little more interesting for you guys soon!

More Lurking and Shameless Plugs


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