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5 for Originality

This is the first submission to literally make me laugh out loud in awhile. Great idea for an animation! The color scheme works just fine and the artwork was simple and expressive. You should work on your run cycle a bit but otherwise the animation was nice and smooth. Good job!

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Egoraptor is dead :(

Also, great cartoon man!


I have to say your traditional animation skills are pretty damn impressive. This whole animation is completely fluid. The camera shots are incredible. I have nothing negative to say about the animation or the story. I laughed the entire time. The characters have great facial expressions and despite their simplicity they each give off a specific personality. Great job!

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Bunny Gaiden

The Bunny Kill series was one of my 1st interests in Newgrounds, I can honestly say that this submission made my day. I wasn't expecting it at all. Seamless animation, detailed artwork, and superb character design. The smoke popping sound effect was a little overused but otherwise suitable.
I'm positive you have played Ninja Gaiden, I noticed some resemblance of the game play during the fight scenes (Which could have been coincidence.) but the final scene with Ruby's grave was exactly like the end cut scene from Ninja Gaiden.
Excellent soundtrack too, I look forward to your future submissions!

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Mottis responds:

Thanks man.

I'm a HUGE fan of the ninja gaiden games!! My original plan was to finish the last battle with a massive sky-high through-the-roof izuna drop, but since the filesize started to grow a bit too large, i had scrap it. I also drew a Dabilahro sword cleverly named "bunnylahro" but unfortunately it never got into the movie.

Nice Point

Nice job, you just nailed everything I can't stand about buying something as simple as a coffee. Excellent animation and artwork as always.

Nice Job

This animation really captures the innocence of childhood. The artwork is pretty good, maybe use a smaller brush to make it a bit more detailed. The animating itself was simple, but flashy animation isn't always necessary. The story was simple, but touching and not at all boring. Good job!

karthon responds:

yes, i just used old sprites of characters. next time i'll re-draw them.

Nice one

Pretty decent animating, but that last line made it haha.

Nice Job

Very decent animation. You should work on drawing hands, a lot considering they are the hardest part of the human body to draw. There seemed to be a little high pitched ringing noise at the begining when the girl talked, but otherwise good voice over and lip-sync. Good job!

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Good Job

Very good artwork, but the animation was a bit choppy in some parts. Work on your walk cycles. The lighting was very well done. Keep up the good work.

Not bad

The animation itself was mediocre and microsoft voices never fail to annoy me but the content itself was rather amusing. Adding voice acting and more actual animation would make this submission much better.

lawlolawlstudios responds:

Glad you liked it! Essentially, with Lawl, I aim for humor rather than animation skills, etc. And trust me, if I changed the voices or animation style, Lawlolawl fans would not be happy, haha.

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