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Sound. I cannot emphasize enough on sound.

megaener responds:

I know lol

Not bad.

It was ok, props for clay animation. You need way more frames, smooth out your animation. More camera angles maybe?

little-timmy responds:

Have you ever truied to make a minute long claymation, not only is it hard to get alot of camera angles in a claymation already, it's hard to fit alot in one minute.

Just some thoughts

Add more detail to your animating. Not the artwork but the actual animating, you need more frames. When the character is walking if you do not want to animate the legs at least animate the arms. A simple back and forth motion will do, you can even tween that. Also review your work before you submit and make sure the dimensions are correct, you don't want your work to by cut off by white void! Haha. My suggestion to you would to be to use movie clips more often. You could use them to give the fire on Ghost Rider's head life for example. Good luck on your future submissions!

JustHannah responds:

thank you for the helpful freview. i really appreciate it


Not too shabby! Not often do we see animal walk/run cycles around here. Very nice job, the legs are a tiny bit off sync compared to a live action cycle but great job none the less!

Great job!

Excellent job, very good animation and character design. Definitely one of the best storylines I have seen in awhile. My two points of criticism would be on the end of the story and on your walk cycles. The walk cycles from behind seem a bit unrealistic, it is not that the character is a shadow but rather that there is no movement in the legs. Perhaps even just moving the character up and down a bit would be enough to give the appearence of a foward walk cycle. As far as the story, I think the scene where there is an error in the computer system a "A few hours earlier" subtitle or somthing along those lines would be nice to help clarify what exactly happened. Overall excellent animation! Keep up the good work!

Xennethy responds:

Yep, I've noticed that as well.
Thanks for watching! :D

Not bad

Not bad at all, nice run/walk cycles but I noticed the main character ice skates a little bit right at the begining. Nice design, simple but stylish. Good job.


this is the 1st good 3d animation I have seen on Newgrounds. I am only a freshmen so I'm still working on traditional animation this year, but I will start with Maya next semester. The colors were very nice great job!

Short but sweet.

Very nicely done. I am curious, how exactly did you animate this?

TheMillz responds:

As the review above mentioned, the technique is called "rotoscoping". It involves filming live action, then animating over it. Think that Keanu Reeves movie where he's the drug cop guy.

Have to love Cat Face

Haha great job Weebl. Very creative censorship bars and classy characters. Keep it up.

Nice job

You can clearly draw, and you can lip sync. I wouldn't call you a noob, considering you are not submitting a poorly drawn stick fight and telling everyone to vote 5. You probably just need to work on your actual animating. Any animator can always improve his/her work.

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