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work on

Work on your effects. You need to work on actually animating and detailing effects like explosions, you background needs much more detail too, it doesnt match up with the sprites.

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Not bad, the preloader worked. I was mildly entertained throught the animation, but the "betrayal" at the end made me laugh quite a bit, good job.

Enlightener57 responds:

the betrayal thing was something i thought of while eating dinner one night lol so i just stuck with it cuz i thought it was hilarious

not bad

I like it, but why was it so small? lol Btw where did u get the music? It was a good touch.

SickManProductions responds:

I bought magix music maker 11 :) its a great bit of software.

last luaghing

Wow thats great. At 1st I didnt understand why he was kiling himself, but then i realized it was a joke about the popularity of the joker in the Dark Knight instead of the protagonist. When i realized this i almost died laughing. Very good idea, the animation wasn't detailed but the artwork was decent. Smooth audio too, very good job.

Lolerskates (<-- wtf o_O)

Ha! Nice animation, I didn't really get the ending but it was random and funny. Nice detail with simple characters. Good job

Dimanti-San responds:

Don't know if I really get the ending myself, but thx for reviewing ^^.

lol worms

Great concept, works really well as a cartoon short. At the begining the episode effect tends to lag for me, not badly but it's noticible and it kind of ruins the effect. I dont know if anyone else gets this but perhaps changing the effect would be a good idea.

hehe haruhi

Nice little play on the Haruhi dance. Nice graphics and fluid animation, lacking in overall entertainment, but nice short.

Great ninja flash

The artwork and animation was really good. Nice variety of music. I laughed when i realized the ninjas were bleeding orange and i started thinking about what would happen if i blead orange juice, but thats a different story. It started out great and spilled from awesome into comedy, making a pretty nice transition. I found found the spiderman scence to be particularly funny. Great job keep up the good work.


Haha that was pretty good. All smooth animation, and random humor. A menu button would be a nice addition so you can jump back to the menu at anytime.

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Haha Ninja gaiden is like my all time favorite game, i died laughing when the strategy guide got shanked. NG 2 is like a playground compared to the difficulty of the 1st one. That was great i look foward to more.

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